Technical Skills:

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Aesprite, Kaltura, Inky, Maya LT, Qualtrics, Substance Painter, Unity (2D, 3D, AR and VR), Unreal Engine, WordPress.

Programming: C#, HTML, CSS, PHP, mSQL, Javascript, jQuery, XML


Work and Production Experience:

Mono No Aware (Working Title)

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September 2017 – Present
Digital Game for PC/Mac

  • Conduct research on Anxiety and Depression in order to appropriately translate these concepts into gameplay
  • Create paper and digital prototypes, wireframes, concept art, and mockups
  • Playtest various prototypes with others for feedback
  • Create documentation for the game concept and design
  • Write overarching story, along with narrative design elements such as dialogue and open-ended narrative structure
  • Created pixel art and UI assets for the game
  • Program unique gameplay elements in C# through Unity/Visual Studio
  • Implemented third party plugins such as Inky, Koreographer, Rewired, and others into the game
  • Work iteratively to build sections of the game, playtest, do qualitative interviews with players and revise the game
  • Present game and research abstract at CHIPLAY 2019 in Barcelona
  • Present game and thesis paper as Masters Thesis Defense in December 2019
  • Continue to work on the game, revising design, art, UI, and adding other elements to increase user engagement and enjoyment

How Will You Die? The Card Game (Working Title)

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March 2018 – Present
Digital and Physical Game for iPad

  • Create physical prototype of game on white paper and playtest at the monthly Philadelphia Game Makers Guild meetings
  • Design and layout cards with unique iconography for both narrative and action aspects of the game
  • Get pieces printed through The Game Crafter to create initial prototype of game
  • Create a digital companion app for the game that allowed for even easier interaction
  • Present game as part of the Philadelphia UnPub showcase at PAX Unplugged in 2018 and 2019 (the largest board game convention on the east coast)

Bonsai Creative Studios LLC

September 2009 – Present
Self-made and run Digital Production Company

  • Create wireframes, mockups, and paper prototypes for various websites, games, and applications utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, and other tools
  • Conduct UX research and trends using Qualtrics Surveys, continuing professional development, and one-on-one testing and walkthroughs
  • Design and code webpages with various languages including CSS, HTML, mSQL, PHP, and Javascript
  • Utilize various libraries for design purposes such as Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Install and customize various WordPress websites for local companies including this site
  • Wrote and self-published a book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBooks store
  • Self-motivated to meet demanding deadlines and turnaround
  • Create narrative-based content such as interactive games, music videos, and short films
  • Animate logos for companies such as SugarHouse casino
  • Photography for high-profile events in Philadelphia
  • Worked with clients such as the Philadelphia Film Society for ads placed in bus stops, newspapers, online, and on buses
  • Capture video and take photos during high-profile film events in Philadelphia with celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, Steve Harvey, and Selena Gomez
  • Create event videos for local businesses such as SugarHouse casino and Live Nations’s TLA to promote each respective venue.
  • Edit video for online, broadcast, and physical distribution for companies such as Google and Comcast

Independent Technology Coach – Greater Philadelphia Area

September 2009 – Present
President and Founder

  • Built and expanded client base
  • Develop client skills with Apple, Windows, Android, and various other products such as advanced photo editing
  • Problem solve various Technology issues on the spot
  • Provide long-distance support via phone, Facetime, Skype, email, text, and other communication technologies

Drexel University – Greater Philadelphia Area

July 2015 – January 2020
Instructional Technology Specialist

  • Help faculty and students organize and optimize their courses for online
  • Troubleshoot faculty technology issues covering a vast array of technologies
  • Design and run training for faculty on various platforms used at Drexel
  • Create various HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript documents for things such as login pages, iFrames, and websites
  • Admin for Kaltura video streaming services, Qualtrics survey platform, and various other technologies
  • Create video and written documentation for support purposes

January 2018 – April 2018
Adjunct Faculty

  • Facilitate discussion about digital media’s influence in our culture
  • Grade papers and presentations based off custom rubrics
  • Research current events and topics for students to bring into class
  • Plan lessons and activities that helped relate the content of the course to the students

July 2014 – July 2015
Web Developer

  • Build and support websites using the CMS platform Sitecore
  • Create Javascript front-end applications for various University services and web functionality
  • Teach and train users, both virtually and in person, in web development along with other services such as Camtasia and photo editing
  • Give phone support to web content masters of all skill levels around the University
  • Style and build website components and layouts using advanced HTML5 and CSS techniques

Always Wear Headphones

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Unknown – July 2017
Physical and Digital Book for Sale

  • Write, revise, edit, and repeat.
  • Design cover and book elements for both physical and digital versions of the book.
  • Use Indesign and other programs to create multiple versions of the book for various self-publishing outlets
  • Donate half of all proceeds to NAMI non-profit

Homunculus Love

For More information and to Play Click Here

January 2017 – March 2017
Digital Game for Internet Browser

  • Chosen to present game at Foundations of Digital Games 2017 conference
  • Co-authored research paper about our emotional design progression system
  • Design, program, and implement a simulated online dating chat website including simple emotional system
  • Create UI elements, logos, and other clickable items in the game
  • Write branching dialogue for two of the homunculi and edit the rest of the dialogue
  • Create and implement sounds in the game
  • Conduct playtesting and feedback using various techniques such as Qualtrics Surveys, qualitative interviews, and watching player playthroughs

Philadelphia University – Philadelphia, PA

May 2011 – July 2014
Help Desk Analyst

  • Give tech support to users remotely over the phone, by instant messenger, and over remote access sessions
  • Teach Faculty and Staff about using technology in the Classroom such as Blackboard and Adobe Connect
  • Manage and train student workers who work at the Help Desk
  • Problem-solve and troubleshoot technology and software issues with Faculty and Staff
  • Redesign the Technology Section of the Website
  • Create instructional videos for the Website for public and internal use
  • Received HDI Help Desk Analyst Certification. – Greater Philadelphia Area

August 2010 – May 2016
Editor in Chief

  • Manage a crew of about 30 writers
  • Reach out to publicity agents to obtain content for review and discussion
  • Write reviews and articles for the website
  • Send out a weekly email-blast to the Cinedork community signed up for our newsletter
  • Implement social media such as Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp, Instagram, and Tumblr
  • Make design changes to the site and make sure the system is kept up to date
  • Create video and audio interviews to use on the website
  • Work with outside vendors and organizations to design ads and banners for promotion

Allied-THA – Greater Philadelphia Area

September 2008 – Present
Publicity Assistant

  • Host Promotional Movie Screenings for audiences of 100 to 500 persons
  • Coordinate with staff during public appearance tours of film talent (directors, writers, actors)
  • Responsible for procurement of new working relationships and promotional ideas with local partners, press, online, and film organizations such as Casey Custom Sneakers, The Borgata, and FYE


Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA

September 2016 – December 2020
Masters of Science– Digital Design

Philadelphia University – Philadelphia, PA

September 2013 – May 2014
Masters – Digital Design

Temple University – Philadelphia, PA

Graduated May 2010
Bachelor of the Arts – Film and Media Arts Major
Minor – General Business