Digital Media Specialist

Covering all forms of media from web development, game design / development, graphic design, video producing, directing,  and book layout to name a few, I have a wide spread mastery of all things digital, utilizing Adobe’s Creative Master Suite, Maya, Unity, zBrush, and many more. I have helped improve organizations online presence by creating videos for social media and broadcast outlets, created layouts for published books, developed a sticker app for the iOS App Store, and created games for conferences. In doing so I have created and managed my own production company Bonsai Creative Studios LLC, where I handle all aspects of media creation.

Technology Consultant and Trainer

I have grown my own business as a computer trainer from one client to 20 over three years time. In these sessions I am constantly expected to problem solve and create solutions in a set time frame, handling everything from Network routers, to PCs, MACs, iPhones, Cable TV, Printers, etc.


Recently publishing my first book, Always Wear Headphones, I have been consistently writing scripts and stories since I was in elementary school. In the past I also conceptualized and built a successful film blog company (Cinedork.com) in Philadelphia. The company at its peak had 20,000 visitors per month and was supported by 30 contributing writers. From outreaching to publicists for contests and media to site administration, writing posts, and social media, I helped manage every aspect of the website.

Currently I am working on finishing the narrative heavy game Mono No Aware where I wrote all of the game’s dialogue, barks, phone messages, and fake tweets. This project was particularly challenging because of the constant balancing of serious and comedic elements.