H.W.Y.D. – The Card Game

Currently in development is a card game that is equal parts “Social deduction” and “Choose your own adventure” called “How Will You Die? – The Card Game”

Don’t Die! is a horror-themed social-deduction game about making ridiculous choices in the most classic of horror scenarios. The goal is simple, the victims must find and kill the killer. But there’s a twist! The killer can, at any time, reveal themselves and try to take out all the other players in a wild blaze of glory!

I am responsible for all aspects of the game from Art, to writing, UI/UX, to design. There have been dozens of iterations on this game thanks to playtesting done with friends and the amazing Game Makers Guild of Philadelphia, an amazing organization that deserves much of the credit for helping polish this game to the point it is at now.

For more information please visit “http://hwydgame.com/

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