Drexel – Blackboard Learn Login Page

When we upgraded Blackboard to be “on the cloud”, I was tasked with re-designing the login page.

The goals were to:

  • Integrate Drexel Connect into the login page
  • Simplify options for the user
  • Work on desktop and mobile
  • Be clear and concise given the ways users log in
  • Give help when users ran into trouble

The process started with a few different designs in Photoshop, which were given to the team for feedback. Once a design was chosen, a mock-up in Photoshop allowed members of the team to see how the page would work. With this, we were able to refine links in the “Get Help” section and edit the wording on each of the buttons.

With a final design ready, I set to work coding the page using CSS and Javascript to make sure all the elements were quick to load and run. We tested the rough build in our Blackboard Production server, while also working with the administrative team to set up the Drexel Connect link.

Blackboard Learn Drexel Login Page Prompt User for Drexel Connect

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