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One of my friends/writers from (Don Malvasi) decided to branch off and write their own reviews after I closed down Cinedork. He asked if I would help him create a website for him so he could continue doing film reviews.

After a lot of back and forth figuring out what his “brand name” would be, he decided to go with “Balcony Blues”. With that, I was off!

The site had a few requirements from the start

  • Be very streamlined, since it was meant solely for a blog of reviews
  • Be incredibly easy to use and navigate
  • The design must match the style of writing, which was light, but yet aimed to an adult audience.

After a few Photoshop mockups, I got final approval from Don and started coding. I was able to export and filter down all of his old reviews from the mSQL table from Cinedork and bring it over to help bring back his history of reviews as well not only for test content but also to make sure he didn’t lose all the years of work he had produced.

Balcony Blues Site

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