iMotions Facial Tracking

iMotions allows automatic facial analysis to better gain an insight into human emotional reactions. Without having to find qualitative data after the fact, emotions can be used as a metric for measuring engagement and reaction during a playtest or even during a game. Using their engine "AFFDEX", they are able to track the following:

Problems with emotion tracking all come from our lack of understanding the correlation between emotion and our true inner feelings. There is a lot of research on this topic that still needs to be done. A few pioneers have pushed the technology, but we still need to understand more specific correlation.

If given the cash, I would create a game that changed dynamically based off of your emotional response to it. Having a character conversation that would change dialogue options if you say, smiled or turned away.

iMotions -

Smart Health Technology (aka "Wearables")

Wearables like fitbit, apple watch, etc are all examples of a device that is bridging the gap between body and device. Rather than a phone, where it isn't literally attached to you, wearables track things like activity and heart rate, while also displaying notifications and taking commands. Using these technologies brings us closer to integrating with technology.

The problem with wearables are their need to be connected to the user at all times. Many times wearables tend to be a "trend" rather than mainstay. They also tend to be too similar to phones.

If unlimited money was an option, I would work on creating a tattoo of sorts that would be a screen you could tattoo on your skin, powered by a watch or sorts. That way you could integrate your body to create a larger screen.

Fitbit Apple Watch

Hololens - Microsoft

The Hololens is a headset that focuses on giving an augmented reality experience to the user. This combines real life and the digital world to create a seamless combination of the two. Rather than VR, where you are taking away all of reality, Hololens adds the digital world on top of the real one.

Hololens has a small field of view and the amount of work to put into an app like that might be better spent working on an AR experience for your phone. If the field of view was bigger it could allow for more uses, especially casually.

With unlimited budget I'd create a board game designed for multiple people, similar to the one from the first Star Wars movie