Mono No Aware

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Mono No Aware is a long term project that began its life as my Thesis project at Drexel University and has turned into something much bigger.

The concept of the game was to represent anxiety and depression through gameplay, art, design, and narrative. To do this I looked at research on Anxiety and Depression, including talking to experts in the field, looking at papers in scientific journals, and books upon books about game design. With the guidance of my committee I was able to create a demo of the game representing many of the aspects about anxiety and depression I set out to originally.

Unlike a “serious game” this was intended to be for a more general audience of people experiencing anxiety in their daily lives and for people who are curious about how people with anxiety feel.

This game was presented at CHIPLAY 2019 in Barcelona as part of the Student Games Competition –

Full Thesis Presentation PDF –

Currently I am revising and adding content to the game to flesh it out for release on Steam.

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